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ManiaplanetServer 2018-02-05

Post by xbx » Yesterday, 22:30
Hello everybody!
(and happy new year, or what's left of it...)

So I'm preparing an update to maniaplanet in the coming days..

For a start, here is an updated server:

http://files.v04.mania...com/server ... -02-05.zip

There is no protocol change, so it is compatible with current clients.
(However there are changes in some file formats (the mesh editor items) that are not backwards compatible and will not load with current clients)

Change log (in no particular order, including both server and client changes):

Server: CheckMapForCurrentServerParams() now does more checks (missing items)
Server: work in progress on the ServerAdminAPI.
Server: easier access to AFK status of players from the scripts.
Server: Added "save_all_individual_runs" config.
Server: some support for maps in /parse_gbx
Shootmania: Fix involuntary jump after teleporting.
Server/SM: improvements in bad ping situations, map change
Modes: Fix UISequence CustomMTClip / CustomMTClip_WithUIInteraction.
Packs: Fix Pack creation failing when using external files (skins)
Packs: Fix Pack creation when campaign maps are also in the files section
Packs: Try not to write title.xml when not needed.
Campaigns: enable medals in default score context.
Campaigns: fix SetPlayerScore() when improving the medal but not the record / when there's no ghost.
Menus: enable "Local play" in shootmania legacy menus when there's a solo script.
Improve lightmaps computations in VeryNice stadium with many lights.
Network: fix a few bugs when dealing with http servers not providing ContentLength header
-> fix invalid times on some servers & improves the updater in some situations.
System: Fix OpenUrlInBrowser for 'Edge' browser.
Items: Fix custom items when using multi-environment titles.
Items: When embedding items into maps, discard the icon to save space.
Items: Items on disk properly override embedded items when opening the map in the editor
Items: Items edited in the mesheditor are now much smaller (disk size).
Items: The icon is now included into the file when using the item editor.
MapEditor: fix text entries not blocking shortcuts.
MapEditor: better management of incorrect items
MediaTracker: "ImportGhost" now can also import individual Ghost.Gbx files, and can import all the ghosts from a folder.
MeshEditor: improvements and the beginnings of a custom material editor.
crashe fixes.
and a preview of the client update:

http://files.v04.mania...com/setups ... etLogs.zip

Links: n/a
geschrieben von Michi - 06.02.2018 - 18:44

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